Do You Know the Power of Your Own Words?

There’s no denying or debating this truth. Life can and will come at you in many directions – and the blend of joy, sorrow, mundane, encouragement, criticism, exhilaration, boring, required, expected, pleasure, discipline, connection, loneliness, celebration, loss, happiness, sadness, confidence, lost confidence – I could go on and on. As human beings we get the privilege of experiencing emotions, having relationships, getting to work and learn and grow and increase and change! It’s important to learn how to talk to yourself so that you know who you are, where you stand, and whose got your back! Countless Scriptures confirm that God will direct our pads as we seek him. Our willingness to obey that direction is a factor that will determine our outcome. Beyond that, there are friends that “stick closer than a brother.” Usually, that’s your shortlist, but your good friends will tell you the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear.

What words are you telling yourself today?

Who’s wisdom will you accept and consider today?

What are you pretending not to know or trying to ignore?

What are the possibilities if you take action on what you know to do and what those around you with wisdom concur?

How long will you delay?

Delayed obedience is disobedience, and it’s just so much more simple to do the hard thing, to realign your thoughts, and to move forward in progress! Progress not perfection. One day at a time! One choice at a time! One thought at a time – captured, reconfigured, and acted on.

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