7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Become More Positive

Positive Change

So keepin it real – what lesson have you recently gotten? And how many setbacks did it take you before you got it? Or perhaps more real – what lesson have you repeatedly had to wrestle with and failed? And are you ready to get the lesson? You will know by how you treat your every day. Today for example – you either lived in a way that reflects you got the lesson, or you didn’t. But there’s always tonight and tomorrow! Things can change in an instant! Almost every success story includes “… and then I decided…”.

1. What is the lesson that I am in the process of learning?
2. What is the pain, the failure, disappointment, the emotion, the outcome that the process of this lesson continues to give me in a way that I don’t like it?

3. What do I really want right now? Define the way you would like someone you respect to describe you. Define an outcome that would make you feel successful, with integrity, accomplished, growing in character and wisdom.

4. What habit or habits need to go and what habit or have it do you want to develop?

5. What is the one thing that if you would just do it would be the best starting point and make all the difference right now?

6. How would you be accountable?

7. When you don’t feel like it, when the emotion and inspiration you have right now to make this change fades (and IT WILL), what will be your game plan to press through anyway?

Take the time to answer and process. Connect with a friend, mentor, or coach who loves you and is willing to walk alongside your increase, your growth, your success!

Life is about growing. We are all working on something. Then have it, some task, some skill, some self-control or self-discipline, communication, a schedule, learning, saving, the list is long. You are not alone!

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