Start with Focus and Commitment

Until you (I) learn that instant gratification invites only regret often accompanied by guilt and shame – and that grit, connection, perseverance, honesty and accountability invite character-building moments and winning results, you’ll repeat disappointing patterns in life over & over! When you allow your friend “Mr. time” & the accumulation factor of those character building minutes & seconds to become your “new normal” and way of living and achieving – you stop recycling the pattern of failure and set back and start shining a NEW way of serving others from bringing your best to the world! NOTHING shines confidence the way private victories & integrity does!

It starts with your focus and commitment of time investment.

To what do you give the best of yourself? Leisure, TV, trivial, entertainment? Gossip, distraction? Excuse making, Denial? Procrastination? Or are you building on your abilities – intellectual, personality, leadership, financial–The daily disciplines of spiritual growth, exercise, wellness… Each hour of each day we make a choice. That choice accumulates with yesterday’s choice and the choice we’ll make this afternoon. The result we have right now is based on the connection factor – the accumulation of those choices from our past. And the result we’ll have 90 days from now will also be the result of an accumulation factor- choices from today and our future. Today, choose wisely, and choose well.

If you’ve never or you’re not tracking your 90 days in an intentional and goal-oriented way with a distinct outcome in mind, I invite you to give my DESIGN YOUR LIFE 90 day planner a shot!


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