You Can Design Your Life

It seems kind of obvious, but sometimes you have to take a personal inventory of the situation, activities, people, and moments that breathe life and belief and confidence into who you are. They may only last for a second, but take note! At the same time, there are habits, consumption, activities, and people who invite guilt and remorse and regret and cause us to lose hope. For years. I have said “put energy only into things that you want to get bigger” – relationships, skills, business success, health and wellness, conversation! And don’t put any energy into anything that you want to get smaller or go away! Because what you put Energy into will grow!!

Where do you need to draw a boundary? Where do you need to personally decide – this activity, this conversation, this habit, this person – is not for me. And what do you need to do and who do you need to include more of two swell those things that bring out your best – the way you feel about yourself, the feedback you get from others and hope that is increased and accelerated as a result of that choice?

You can design your life, and you can live your vision!
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“Don’t dismiss your amazing future because of choices or mistakes from your past!” — Pamela Shaw

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