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Design your life
One of the greatest American freedoms is the privilege to build a business, to work, to earn according to your ability and willingness to be smart, invest yourself well, Connect wisely, prioritize with consistency –and select a great opportunity that will not fire you or limit you with a glass ceiling!
I L❤️VE MY MK‼️. Many people go their entire lives doing what they do today because it’s what they did yesterday without giving consideration to the incredible freedoms we have here in the ???USA??? – the men and women who have fought and who currently fight for our freedom and our unique culture and country values! It is Independence at the height of its definition! ???
For me as a patriot, it would be such a waste to live under my ability, or my opportunity!

You can DESIGN YOUR LIFE, and you can LIVE YOUR VISION! But it takes decisiveness, boundaries, the regeneration of good habits to replace habits that aren’t serving you well, accountability, along with a very clear target ? for GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT to live and achieve the American Dream!! Otherwise, you might find yourself in the American nightmare!

The only goal you can count on is the short-term goal. I can’t decide what I’ll be eating one month from now, I only know what my next choice will look like. I can’t say that next month I’ll go on target for… I only know how many phone calls I’m willing to make in this next half hour THAT WILL PRODUCE an “On Target” status!‼️

You can change anything in 90 days – your body, your marriage, your finances, and certainly your career! Are you willing to go a strong 90 days – one good day at a time? Design your life! Live your vision!

IF one of my 90 day DESIGN BOOK planners would support you, you can order them atwww.pamelashaw.com

God bless America! God bless you, and God bless your next year ahead! #mymklife #designYourLife#BeyondDreamBig #ShawX