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The BREAKTHROUGH goal setting workbook offers a unique approach to successfully reach your goals. Start creating your own growth plan today.

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Get the 90 Day PLANNER and discover how you can start living your BEST life today. We only get one life – Let’s make it a great one together.

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I have been using Pam’s Design Book and Focus Folder consistently for a few weeks. Prior to this time, I was one of those over organized directors that could not find what I needed. It is unreal how these tools have helped me to focus on keeping the main thing, the main thing.

Caterina Harris Earl

National Sales Director

My very first 90 Day Planner was the tool that made the difference in taking a quantum leap in 3 areas of my life. Your planner is my tool of choice to develop the habits needed to support the goals I desire to reach. Thank you for pouring your life into so many!

Rebecca White

Independant Sales Director

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Home Revised

Oh my goodness the planner totally works when you do! It’s easy to get distracted with life, but the planner is like a workout. Do what you know to do each day, go through the questions of what needs to be done and move forward when the tasks are done. In my opinion, this is the only system anyone ever needs!

Debra Brewer

National Sales Director

The Method

How to Setup Your 90 Day Planner

Plan for Success and Live a Better Life

Your BEST life is waiting for you. You simply have to take that first step and begin this incredible journey.

Where does the journey start? Do you have everything you need for an extended stay? Are you even sure where you’re going? Your best life is waiting for you, but we all need a clear and simple plan to reach it. The 90 Day PLANNER is designed to guide you on this journey and provide all the tools you need to design your Vision and Mission Statements, set effective goals, and fully plan for your success. Start designing your day, your month, and your life with this powerful book.

Home Revised

Who is Pamela Shaw?

Pamela Shaw provides life coaching and mentoring for elite leaders and encourages anyone to live the life of their dreams. She models and teaches how to DEFINE it, DESIGN it, and have the courage to LIVE it.

After working 90 hours a week in a High School English/dance teaching position, always taking on more and more responsibilities, she hit a personal wall. Pamela realized she was not yet living her best life.

Soon after, she had left that position and became an Executive National Sales Director at a major direct sales company.

She had always worked from a planner, but simply couldn’t find the one that could help her reach deeper into her goals, dreams, visions, habit commitments and everything else that one needs for a personal growth plan.

This led to Pamela writing and publishing the 90 Day PLANNER and the BREAKTHROUGH goal setting workbook.

You can take advantage of the years of development and refinement that has gone into these books and find a new way to live your BEST life.

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