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2023 7th Annual Goal Setting Workshop

Goal Setting Worksheet


How to Set Up Your 90-Day Planner

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The METHOD – Your next 90 days can be your best 90 days.


Design your life and live your vision with this powerful guidebook. Connect “who you were” with “who you can be.”

In this video, Pamela explains the Method behind the 90-Day Planner and how you can use it to start your journey.

Design Your Life  Daily Planner Lessons

In these videos, Pamela shows us how to use the Design Your Life 90-Day Planner effectively. Here, you can learn more about the nuances of setting the best goals and finding real success.

How to use the 90-day PLANNER Part 1 (35:57)

Q & A from Video 1 (32:27)

How to use the 90 day PLANNER Part 2 (38:47)

Get ready to have YOUR best year ever! Homework! (38:45)

90 minutes of THE best goal setting session ever! (38:44)

Success Accumulates (1:16:33)

It’s in the middle— planning BETWEEN weeks!” (51:23)

The Space between 7 days

Goal Setting 2.0

Creating Your New Normal (1:00:30)

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Breakthrough Goal Setting Lessons

Discover how you can use the BREAKTHROUGH Goal Setting Workbook create sustainable growth and accomplishment. Follow this method to start living your vision.

Life Lessons

Where can these goals take you? What can you accomplish? Discover the value of the private moment and how it can change your life.