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About Pamela

Pamela Waldrop Shaw

Maximizer | Strategy | Belief | Responsibility | Activator


The secret to Pamela Shaw’s success at work and at home can be summed up by her trademark motto: “time invested in one area is time away from another.” Simply put, on-purpose living requires us each to make intentional choices, to be very aware of every “yes and no”.


No single day is the success-maker or the deal-breaker.  It is in the private moment, those choices you make and live out over time, that will define your life. Success is the accumulation of wise, daily choices, and failure also the accumulation, but of unintentional drifting – allowing others to set your schedule and your priorities.


This core message permeates her coaching, mentoring, and teaching moments, and they serve as the basis to the Design Your Life 90 Day Planner and the BREAKTHROUGH Goal Setting Workbook.


These tools are for everyone who wants to live YOUR BEST LIFE now by giving each moment YOUR BEST YES!


“WHO are you and WHAT do you do?”

I get these questions a lot.  


To answer the second question first, “what do I do?”


I mentor, coach, and teach others through messages, tools, and methods how to live YOUR life by design.


In truth, though, it’s more than that. I’m highly motivated to support any person who wants to live the life of their dreams! I want to support them as they discover and maximize their God-given strengths, to learn and live from principle-centered truth, and to stand in their calling! I strive to model authentic living and teach how to DEFINE it, DESIGN it, and have the courage to LIVE IT!  


But “who am I”? For that answer we’ll have to start a little further back.


I grew up the middle child in a family of 5 under the loving guidance of two parents, educators both, which meant our lives were entangled with others in serving, teaching, supporting, loving and leading.  


After graduating the University of Kentucky, I ventured to south Florida where I took a high school English/dance teaching position. Soon after, I found myself working 90 hours a week – giving my “yes” to coaching the drill team, the dance team, the JV cheerleaders, and choreographing musicals on top of my teaching and paper-grading load.


I had not yet learned the importance of my “best yes.”  


I loved being in the classroom, in the dance studio, on the band practice field, in parades, on the stage, and in competitions. I adored my students.  


But, on top of all that, I was a willing participant in the 80’s credit card debt decade. I hit a financial wall, and the restlessness from that opened my eyes wider when the world of Direct Sales came across my path.  


At the time, I was completely uninterested in adding to overloaded time commitments, VERY uninterested in selling anything, but the earning potential, career flexibility, and the founder’s core philosophy of God first, Family second and Career third caught my attention.   Eventually, becoming an independent sales force member of the Mary Kay company gained my “yes.”  


One year later, I left teaching to pursue direct sales as a full time sustainable business. Today, as an Executive National Sales Director, I continue to take great joy and fulfillment in coaching and mentoring elite leaders of leaders in and out of Mary Kay.


On this journey of over three decades, varied teaching and speaking opportunities have come along, and I have loved every open door. I feel totally alive in front of an eager audience hungry to learn about personal growth, time management, and the method to successful goal accomplishment.


From my own experiences, I humbly recognize wonderful potential in others, and my goal is to draw out the greatness that is already there and bring a light of confidence and hope to others that they too can lead with power and effectiveness from their God-given strengths!  

a “breakthrough” development

I recall a time when I was ABUNDANTLY aware that I needed to MAXIMIZE my time and leverage the days ahead of me. For whatever reason, it felt more urgent than at any other time in my life.


I had always worked from a planner and was always engaged in learning how to master the “best” one. However, this was when I started to suspect that the best planner – one to house goals, dreams, visions, habits, commitments, projects, daily to-do lists, schedules, and SO MUCH MORE – simply didn’t exist.  


So, in 1997, I started working from my first mockups for a 90 day planner that would do everything I needed. I had already experienced the power of taking 90 days at  time for goal accomplishment.


I revised and revised it, and after 3 years of using it exclusively and successfully, I published it in 2000.


Many edits later, I believe it is still the BEST Personal Growth Planner on the market.


I would challenge anyone to give 3 years of 90-day cycles a try!  


Design Your Life with This 90 Day Planner and Goal Setting Workbook


From there, I started work on the BREAKTHROUGH Goal Setting Workbook. I wanted to dig deeper and to teach others to dig deeper, too. The first edition was published in 2011, and I presented the content over a window of 6 hours to a room full of leaders and taught the concepts in 2012. It was a ‘first time’ thought process for those who were ready, and their success was publicly visible in the year to follow.  


Since that time, I’ve been on the slow editing process, and am thrilled to have published what I consider to be MY BEST WORK!  


Your answers are inside of YOU.  


Are you ready for a BREAKTHROUGH?!

What is your best yes for this year?

What is ahead?  Follow me and see!  It is going to be a GREAT YEAR of explosive success!


For a fuller version of my story, I invite you to watch these 29 minutes of my “WHY.” Maybe you can find your own “why” when you see how the puzzle pieces of mine came together. 


I’m so thrilled that you’re interested enough in LIVING your best LIFEgiving your best YES to include me in your journey!