Tips from Pam Shaw on How To Become a Finisher

Pam Shaw's Tips

Here are tips from Pam Shaw that can give you the hope and strength to finish whatever you need to finish.

  1. Get still and get quiet– Quiet time, contemplative, deep thinking is important to be successful
  2. Make an exhaustive list of what you need/want to accomplish this week
  3. Delegate what you can to who you can- Delegation takes things off your plate, giving you a more confidence you can accomplish what you need to accomplish.
  4. Prioritize the list- what is THE most important, THE ‘1’ thing right now that will make the difference
  5. Put as much as possible on the rest of today- You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish today when you are focused on ‘finishing’ a specific win.
  6. Design your weekly plan sheet – Plan your week by every 30 minutes. This will keep you organized and focused which will lessen creative distraction and self-sabotage.
  7. Set up your schedule for tomorrow-Critical to know FIRST thing you wake up what is first.
  8. Go to bed on time
  9. Get up on time
  10. Do what you design today- Don’t procrastinate, just do what you have planned to do. No excuses. You made the decision once when you designed your schedule.  Stick to it!
  11. Repeat this list each day

Time management isn’t easy for anybody. But owning and redirecting our weaknesses in order to highlight our strengths, to GRAB the WIN in our lives is the most important accomplishment we make in life. It’s the daily habit that you crown with priority.  It’s the minute by minute choice, and BEST choice.  Dig in!

Dig in!  Remember it’s easier to keep up than to catch up. Just know you can finish what you need to finish. Don’t procrastinate. Keep yourself accountable for each step and you will become the finisher you want to BE.

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