3 Ways to Practice Self Discipline and Live Your Best Life

Pamela Shaw Discipline Tips

Discipline is at the heart of every success. If we operate only on the way we feel, we might never feel like doing anything that will take us closer to our goals, potential, purpose in life.

The list could be long – scenario: tonight, after a pig out meal and a tub of ice cream, tomorrow’s diet would be easy to write out! It’s going to be SO EASY to start! Because it’s tomorrow! – until I wake up in the morning and I’m hungry.

This is true for every person in every culture. It’s true for every task and every goal we ever set. From sitting down with God to have a quiet time and reading his word, praying for people you had said you would, to making a healthy, nutritious meal selection, to gathering with quality friends, to reading a book, to adventure, to mission trips, to writing a book – you name it!

Living the best life now calls on us to suppress our feelings and engage our discipline. God has given us the mental and emotional ability to make the best choices every day. We simply have to make them. And here’s the great news, once you get in the habit of making the best choice, it becomes a way of life.

1. Recognize the way you feel is only temporary.

2. Taking a step of action increases both the desire and motivation exponentially!

3. Successful people have a community of other friends with whom they are accountable, honest, and connected.

Sometimes I will follow through only because I know someone expects to see me there or I know I need to bring the energy for a situation. It’s reciprocation. Others have brought it or sacrificed for me.

What could you do before today ends that will boost your confidence in exercising self-discipline?

Oh those good endorphins from accomplishing the things that you have been procrastinating. Life rewards action! And once you are all in, God will open the floodgates of adventure!!

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